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radertech is a manufacturer of wireless chargers that primarily focuses on independent research and development. the company invests significant resources into creating their own innovative technologies and designs As a result, radertech is able to offer unique and cutting-edge wireless charging solutions to their customers. The company’s commitment to R&D is a testament to their dedication to quality and their drive to stay ahead of the curve in the wireless charging industry.


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Rader Factory with 5 Production Lines​

Rader factory with five production lines is a productive hub of manufacturing activity, where each line specializes in producing a unique product. Efficient assembly line processes and strict quality control measures ensure high-quality output, delivered 24/7.


Focus on Independent Research and Development Design

Rader factory possesses impressive independent research and development and design capabilities, ensuring the highest standards of innovation and quality. With a talented and experienced team at the forefront, the factory has a strong focus on creative problem solving and cutting-edge technology. This strong emphasis on R&D and design sets the factory apart and ensures its continued success.


Why Choose RaderTech ?


No MOQ requirement, you can choose the quantity you need

Reasonable Price

Based on the factory, our price is relatively advantageous

Fast delivery

All our standard products can be shipped within 5-10 days


Both OEM and ODM can be completed in Raide

Free Design

Under certain conditions, we can help you design your product for free

1 Year Warranty

The products we ship out enjoy the company's one-year warranty service

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