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Professional Consumer Electronics Manufacturer

Radertech is a professional consumer electronics manufacturer focuses on independent research and development. Our company invests significant resources into creating their own innovative technologies and designs, We can able to offer unique and cutting-edge Software development and hardware design solutions to their customers. And company’s commitment to R&D is a testament to their dedication to quality and their drive to stay ahead of the curve in the consumer electronics industry.

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Rader Factory with 5 Production Lines​

Rader factory with five production lines is a productive hub of manufacturing activity, where each line specializes in producing a unique product. Efficient assembly line processes and strict quality control measures ensure high-quality output, delivered 24/7.


Focus on Independent Research and Development Design

Rader factory possesses impressive independent research and development and design capabilities, ensuring the highest standards of innovation and quality. With a talented and experienced team at the forefront, the factory has a strong focus on creative problem solving and cutting-edge technology. This strong emphasis on R&D and design sets the factory apart and ensures its continued success.




Neil Zhang
Shenzhen Rader Technology Co.,Ltd.
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